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How to Make People Laugh Description

Want to learn how to make people laugh out loud?

How to Make People Laugh is a book that targets regular comedians, such as you and me. It does not try to transform you into a professional comedian. Instead, it puts comedy in the spotlight of everyday life. With this book, you will learn techniques that you can easily incorporate at parties or even in regular banter with friends and colleagues.

How to Make People Laugh maintains its hold on wholesome family goodness. After all, you are trying to create not just a comedic persona, but an overall persona. You want people to see you a certain way. Are you Hilarious Harry, Dad Joke Diego, Sarcastic Sharon, or Deadpan Dan? All of those are better than Offensive Oona, Dirty Joke Dean, and Literal Lisa.

This book will show you how to have a general sense of humor - or make full use of the one that you already have. After all, not all jokes are uproariously funny. Some can make you grin. Some can make you smile. So, if you start out making people smile instead of making them laugh, you are on your way.

In How to Make People Laugh, you will discover:

  • The science of charisma
  • How you can develop confidence and charisma
  • The role of body language in the equation
  • The role of personality in the types of jokes and delivery
  • Guidelines to great improv
  • Examples of possible improv responses
  • The value of thinking on your feet
  • Learning not to take yourself seriously
  • Using metaphors and definitions
  • Possible joke structures that you can follow
  • Examples for every joke style
  • Creating comedic personas with examples
  • And more!

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