The Fuzz: Samuel Barnes

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The Fuzz: Pavlov's Dog Description

Sam Duffy loves police TV shows so much he works as a security guard just to get a taste of the action. Sam’s dream is to fight crime and be the hero. In spite of his less than heroic physique, he figures he only needs a chance. 

This all changes when Sam wakes up inside The Fuzz, his favorite police drama. Unable to escape this fictional world, he is stuck in the body of lead detective Samuel Barnes. Sam discovers that fighting crime is a lot harder than watching TV. 

Sam does have one advantage: he has seen this episode. A revenge-seeking maniac is strapping bombs to dogs, and letting them loose on the city. The dog bomber has eluded the police, but Sam know exactly who he is. He just has to prove it.

©2016 Brennien Coker (P)2019 Brennien Coker
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