Sword of Truth

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This epic fantasy series follows the incredible journey of a humble forest guide who gets caught up in magic, war, and dangers when he is named the Seeker of Truth.

In an age of darkness and violence, it takes determination and courage simply to survive, let alone challenge those who hold dominion. In his masterwork, best-selling author Terry Goodkind introduces an ordinary man who becomes a hero when he accepts his destiny— even if it means grave personal sacrifice. 

Reeling from the brutal murder of his father, Richard Cypher is taken aback when a mysterious woman appears in his forest sanctuary. Seeking his help, and more, the mesmerizing Kahlan tells him about an evil wizard, an ancient debt, and his true calling. Before he can fully grasp the forces at work, Richard is entrusted with a formidable weapon, the Sword of Truth. With newfound power in his hands and Kahlan by his side, can he stop a dangerous, fanatical ruler from wreaking utter devastation? Hunted relentlessly, tormented by treachery and loss, Richard eventually faces his greatest test: finding the strength within him and daring to trust his heart.       

Terry Goodkind was a woodworker and wildlife artist before finding his calling as a fantasy writer. He published his first novel at age 45. That novel, Wizard's First Rule, marked the debut of the Sword of Truth series, which grew to include 17 books and together sell more than 25 million copies worldwide. In 2008, the novels were adapted by director and producer Sam Raimi into a television series, Legend of the Seeker, which aired for two seasons on ABC.       

Veteran actor and lyricist Sam Tsoutsouvas narrates Wizard's First Rule, in a performance described as “superb” by one listener, as well as several more installments in the series. Jim Bond, Buck Schirner, Dick Hill, and John Kenneth narrate the remaining audiobooks. While most of the titles function as standalone novels with their own plot arcs, it's recommended to start with Wizard's First Rule and listen in order. Later in the series, Chainfire (Book 9), Phantom (Book 10), and Confessor (Book 11) function as a trilogy within the larger series. Goodkind has also written a prequel novella, Debt of Bones, which can be listened to at any point throughout the series. 

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