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Overtaken Online Books 1-4 Description

Demonic alien-killing, blood-splattering LitRPG/LitFPS action in a dark science-fiction world.

[Overtaken Online. The world's first FPS VR-MMORPG with 100 percent immersion. Reminiscent of classics like Doom and Dead Space, but with RPG-elements that enable players to level up and develop skills—and sprinkled with a pinch of magic. ]

Thirty-three-year-old game designer Dex Walsh spends an entire year devoured by sorrow after the death of his wife. As a last-ditch effort to regain his joy, he sells everything and joins Overtaken Online.

Expecting to spawn in a noob-friendly area with guidance from his personal assistant, he instead finds himself naked and alone in a dark prison cell rapidly filling with gas.

Under-leveled and not knowing how to escape, he has no idea how far he will be able to progress as long as he pushes forward and doesn't give up.

Beware! This story contains:

  • Blood and guts
  • Foul language
  • Notifications/pop-ups/inventory management
  • No harem
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