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Eye for an Eye Description

Karen Newman is a savvy business executive whose sole experience with street violence is what she sees on the evening news. The savage rape and murder of her only daughter changes all that. When the authorities are unable to bring the guilty to justice, Karen becomes obsessed with vengeance.

She joins a vigilante group, whose sworn aim is to exterminate criminals nation-wide. With her special skills in public relations and publicity, she helps them realize their goal of mobilizing ordinary people across the country to their movement. But nothing is as it seems. Instead of justice, she finds only more violence, and must finally come to examine the true cost of vengeance.

Eye for an Eye reflects our sense of outrage when we read about decent people caught in the crossfire of violent crime. A gripping story that explores the all-too-human impulse for vengeance, Eye for an Eye is a disturbing and provocative.

©2001 Erika Holzer (P)2009 Brilliance Audio, Inc.
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