J.R. Wirth

J.R. Wirth

edit biographydelete Biography J.R. Wirth is a native of Southern California. Raised in Azusa, he now hails from San Bernardino. J.R. is recognized for his extensive work in the helping field. He is a licensed psychotherapist with a long list of accomplishments, including a 15-year stretch as a domestic violence counselor and trainer, and head of a disaster response team. J.R. had a stint as a university professor, and even spent time as a child abuse investigator. Through all these duties, he continues to provide clinical supervision to young, aspiring therapists. J.R. currently supervises the therapy portion of a forensic psychiatric unit in Southern California. Above all, he is a spiritual man who is dedicated to his children, which often comes out in his writings. J.R. has several works published via independent publishers, including, but not limited to, two full-length novels and two short story collections. The most recent release, “The Christmas Town Calls” (Dec. 2019), is part-four of the “Christmas Town” collection that Reader’s Favorite described as “whimsical” and “…a really fun holiday romp from author J. R. Wirth,” which is “…a truly charming and engaging holiday read.” Most works can be found in multiple venues and all are featured on Amazon. Currently, J.R. has several projects in the making, including finding a home for "The Institute," a thriller with a young adult ensemble cast of unforgettable characters. Besides traditional publishing, J.R. has several pieces published—including a poem and several short stories in online venues. In all his works, J.R. combines ordinary people with extraordinary circumstances, to create characters that jump off the page and straight into the readers’ heart and psyche. He remains dedicated to the craft of writing, highlighting the conflict, frailty, and hero in all of us.
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