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Dark fantasy meets forbidden romance in this series about an exorcist who falls in love with a man possessed - and his vampire spirit.

Caleb Jansen’s plans to live a normal life, even as an unregistered paranormal, are dashed when he’s accidentally possessed by a demon-hunting spirit, Gray. With 40 days before the possession becomes permanent, Caleb needs an exorcism, and fast. Enter hotshot John Starkweather. Even the jaded federal agent is surprised when he comes to exorcise Gray, discovering that he’s a drakul: a vampire who drinks the blood of the demon possessed and something that’s only supposed to exist in stories. With time ticking by fast, the three have to find a way to work together while hunting down demons. But when the slow heat between John and Caleb fans into something bigger, will the price of love be too high for Caleb to pay?

Brad Langer’s voice adds a seductive dimension to this paranormal romance. His captivating narration draws you into a world of magic, demons, and passion as the men spiral ever closer to one another. With distinct voices, it’s easy to differentiate even between Caleb and Gray - two characters sharing a body - and follow their attraction to John.

SPECTR is far from Jordan L. Hawk’s first success. A trans author, he includes LGBTQ elements in his romances, using personal experience and the stories of the LGBTQ community to add depth and real-life elements to his supernatural tales. Hawk has written three other paranormal romance series, Whyborne & Griffin, Hexworld, and Spirits.

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