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In a land called Final Empire, ash falls from the sky, mist dominates the night and evil cloaks the land. It has been a thousand years since the Dark Lord came to rule with an iron fist. Ordinary people live as slaves, toiling in ash fields. 

The Mistborn series is the story of Vin, an orphan girl, and Kelsier, a criminal who discovers his own magical powers. Together they plot to destroy the Lord Ruler by building a rebellion and waging war. Can good triumph against evil and bring light back to their world? 

Mistborn is the creation of Brandon Sanderson, perhaps best-known for completing Robert Jordan’s fantasy series Wheel of Time. In the Mistborn books, he creates a fascinating and intricate magic system called 'allomancy' that readers and listeners find captivating. 

Mistborn's likable, complex humanoid characters include the defensive yet always-honest Vin. She is the main character in Mistborn and one of the best female characters seen in the fantasy genre so far.

Narrator Michael Kramer uses his sometimes sardonic and humorous style to draw out the full depth of each character.

The pace moves at a good clip, while taking enough little breaks for comic relief. The overall story-telling style makes us feel we’re listening to an old-time cowboy, regaling us with tales from the Wild West.

Fans of Mistborn include former FBI director James Comey and the actor Henry Cavill. Mistborn has been adapted into a tabletop card game and a role-playing game.

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