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A teenage outsider with Tourette’s syndrome and a special superpower does battle with an evil academy in this electrifying YA series by international best-selling author Richard Paul Evans.

With his quirks and his tics, thanks to Tourette's syndrome, 14-year-old Michael Vey has never felt like he fits in anywhere. But he has a hidden power, which comes in especially handy when he's attacked by school bullies: the ability to shoot electricity from his palms. When Michael discovers that his secret crush, a cheerleader named Taylor, has the same supernatural abilities, they join together with a techno-genius—his best friend, Ostin—to form a super trio called the Electroclan.

Being in possession of so much power puts the Electroclan on the radar of the secret Order of Elgen. At first, the Electroclan are thrilled to be given scholarships to the Elgen Academy, but later discover that the headmaster, Dr. Hatch, is using his students' powers for his own fiendish purposes. And he does not tolerate any insubordination from his pupils. As the series progresses, Michael and his friends end up traveling around the world to do battle with the evil Dr. Hatch and his faithful Elgen, hoping to finally end their wickedness once and for all.

Richard Paul Evans is the international best-selling author of more than 35 books for both adults and children, starting with his debut, The Christmas Box. His most recent success has been the Michael Vey heptalogy, with the first book, The Prisoner of Cell 25, reaching number one on the list of New York Times best-selling chapter books.

Esteemed audiobook narrators Fred Berman, Kirby Heyborne, and Keith Nobbs—who have performed such hits as Six of Crows, Gone Girl, and Contagious—have all contributed to the series. Each delivers a strong, well-timed performance, which adds to the excitement of this fast-paced supernatural series about loyalty, friendship, and family.

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