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Dark Winter Description

The Sunday Times best-selling first instalment in the Hull-based DS Aector McAvoy series.

Meet DS Aector McAvoy, and begin David Mark's addictive crime series.

DS Aector McAvoy is a man with a troubled past. His unwavering belief in justice has made him an outsider in the police force he serves, a good man among the lazy and corrupt.

Then on a cold day in December he is the first cop on the scene when a young girl is killed in Hull's historic church - and the only one to see the murderer. A masked man, with tears in his eyes....

When two more seemingly unconnected people die, the police must work quickly. Only McAvoy can see the connection between the victims. A killer is playing God - and McAvoy must find a way to stop the deadly game.

Hooked on Hull? Then check out the second instalment in the DS McAvoy series, Original Skin....

©2012 David Mark (P)2013 Quercus Publishing plc
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    Couverture de Taking Pity
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    • The 5th DS McAvoy Novel
    • De : David Mark
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