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Learn It, Do It, and Profit From It - Seeing Through Wall Street's Money-Killing Myths
De : Ken Fisher
Lu par : John Morgan
Durée : 7 h et 42 min

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Want to become a better investor? Send your spouse on a shopping spree! It's no joke - this book tells you why.

Far too many investors fail to get the results they want, because they make some pretty common mistakes. The problem is, the errors don't seem like mistakes—they seem like smart, intuitive, and/or widely recognized investing "wisdom". But much of what's accepted as investing "wisdom" is, instead, bunk.

Debunkery: Learn It, Do It, and Profit From It - Seeing Through Wall Street's Money-Killing Myths from legendary money manager, longtime Forbes columnist, and best-selling author Ken Fisher, shows you how to avoid the costly errors many investors make when they rely upon "common sense" thinking, intuition, gut instinct, or clichés - by using debunkery!

Debunkery isn’t difficult - it just requires the willingness to flip common investing "wisdom" on its head. Once listeners learn to do that, they can begin seeing the investing world more clearly and stop falling prey to costly bunk.

Fisher demonstrates debunkery on 50 of Wall Street’s widely accepted "truths", and details in an easily accessible (and always entertaining) way why:

    Stop-losses could be renamed stop-gains.
  • High unemployment isn't bad for stocks.
  • Massive trade deficits can be great for stocks.
  • Stocks don't care if the US dollar is strong or weak.
  • Most retirees have a long, long time to invest.
  • You should never listen to your "gut" when it comes to investing.
  • You are almost certainly too terrified of government debt.
  • Consumer confidence doesn't matter.
  • Sending your spouse on a shopping spree could get you better long-term investing results.

Debunkery shows you why many Wall Street "truths" are, in reality, money-killing myths.

©2011 Fisher Investments Press (P)2011 HarperCollins Publishers

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Image de profile pour Dan
  • Dan
  • 19/05/2013

Unfortunate - for me, not worth the money spent

This book wasn’t for you, but who do you think might enjoy it more?

The basic idea of the long term view toward investing, and the problem of the ancient human psychology, wrestling with one's own primordial nature is helpful, but the creation of a new vocabulary, the use of demarcationing of the creation of it's own languaging "bunk" number 10, 12, 15 etc as cross referencing points became very tedious. It may be good for nerds and mathematicians who would like to create some psychological reference points as reminders for pitfalls but the problem was it created another level of complexity for the ideas. Perhaps the author was struggling to introduce a new method to address old problems and ideas, but unfortunately this particular method did not work well for me, and perhaps not well for an audio book where references were being made to other pages that one did not have at one's disposal. The basic idea of taking a long view, of investing in solid growth structures and holding firm for the long haul and backing that up with statistical documentation was valuable information but I didn't want to go wading through the "bunk" swamps to get it. The ideas could have bee presented simpler, and with a greater respect for the reader/listeners time.

Would you ever listen to anything by Ken Fisher again?

Perhaps... I have a respect for his articles and have read many of the articles he has written for Forbes over the years

What three words best describe John Morgan’s performance?

John Morgan did a good job... I very much appreciated Business Brilliance. Three words? Why 3 words?

What character would you cut from Debunkery?

The use of the word and ideas of Debunkery... the languaging.

Any additional comments?

We are all on a complex path of attempting to become better investors, and we have choices that we make that may range from things like lottery ticket purchases and high stakes poker all the way to companies coming public and the great swarm of a basket of stocks in the S and P and the DOW, and ETF, and Munis etc. There may be some simple principles to apply- The book "Business Brilliant" was actually very good in comparison and I would recommend that to any person entering the job market. I had hoped this book could provide a similar clarity of ideas in the investment arena, but it lost me as a student. It was a shame for me and the instructor.

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Image de profile pour Kristina
  • Kristina
  • 20/07/2017

good start

read this before you trade! It's a good warning of all the fuss and bluff around stocks !

  • Global
    2 out of 5 stars
Image de profile pour MARK
  • MARK
  • 15/11/2010

Accompanying reference guide does not download!!

I contacted Audible and still no "accompanying reference guide." Wait until they get this fixed to order.

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