Philos Sopher

Philos Sopher

Philos Sopher: By utilising the power of language to imprint the mind with unique and useful thoughts, ideas and concepts, Philos endeavours to unveil the purest form of intelligence which resides in all. An abstract soul with complex intellectual depth, philosophical thoughts and divine vision - aiming to remove mental chains and barriers to spiritual and personal growth. Sent to deliver meaningful messages by transposing thought into words, into light, back into thought. (I Think, I Write, You Read, You Think). Profound, with unfathomable knowledge and wisdom, bound to captivate your imagination, and enjoys being a part of your journey in life. Philos possesses a writing style capable of provoking deep contemplation, which is powerful enough to create change, simply by allowing the words read to be translated into mental speech. If you have taken the time to read this, or any of the work written by Philos Sopher, then your paths have already merged.
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