Ian Shimwell

Ian Shimwell

I naturally loved English and Literature at school and pursued both successfully in further education etc. Over the years, I have written many different works from short stories to novellas and covered genres such as science fiction, historical adventure, horror and mysteries. More recently, I began to write three-act plays based on favourite series which eventually led to developing my own, 'The Armchair Detective'. My aim was to create an unique, absorbing and fun mystery series. 'Armchair Detective' titles have been as high as No. 2 in Amazon Kindle's British Detectives and Drama catagories and inside the top-selling 550 in the UK. 'The Armchair Detective' Mysteries have been broadcast on the radio, as full-cast audio dramas, in the United States as Shoestring Radio Theatre Productions. I have also created, developed and written 'The Novella Range', 'Classic Scripts', 'The Engine Series' and the popular 'The Holmes and Watson Series'. The Armchair Detective... solving mysteries from the armchair since October 2010. VISIT www.armchairdetective.net
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