Guy Lozier

Guy Lozier

Guy loves the life of small towns. He was born in 1962 in Oklahoma. Most of Guy's life was spent in small towns and small schools. As Guy got older he bought a book store propelling him into Fantasy Series Collections. Guy has read over 500 series novels in Fantasy as an avid reader over the years. Guy ended up starting his own production and media companies which led him into writing more than he had experienced from his younger days. In his youth Guy attempted to publish works which found conflicts with his ideas and publishers who were over opinionated about what could actually happen in reality. With that in mind, Guy turned to Fantasy so that his imagination could create the worlds and dimensions that he found so entertaining in his own mind. Guy's readers have proclaimed his writing as "Pure Genius" with complexity, imagination and twists to spare. Each wanting more of his worlds to experience. Guy took their reviews to heart and began to work in earnest to create what he experienced in his own mind, bringing to life worlds and creatures that have never been seen before. Quote: "I hope you love my worlds as much as I have."

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