Wizard of Yurt

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A Bad Spell in Yurt Description

The tiny kingdom of Yurt is the perfect place - or so it seems - for someone who barely managed to graduate from the wizards' school, especially after all that embarrassment with the frogs. But Daimbert, newly hired Royal Wizard of Yurt, senses an evil spell at work. But who could be responsible? The beautiful young queen? Her flighty aunt? The dour chaplain? The old, retired Royal Wizard, who seems to know more than he's saying? Or someone from out of the castle's past? Daimbert quickly realizes that finding out and saving his kingdom may take all the magic he never learned properly in the first place, with his life the price of failure - good thing he knows how to improvise!

©1991 C. Dale Brittain (P)2013 C. Dale Brittain
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    Couverture de Is This Apocalypse Necessary?
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    Couverture de Below the Wizards' Tower
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    Couverture de A Long Way 'Til November
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