Wings of Fire

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The dragon tribes are at war, and only the foretold prophecy can bring it to an end. But what will happen when the dragonets turn their back on destiny?

An action and adventure packed series for young listeners, Wings of Fire follows the saga of seven tribes of dragons as they seek to bring an end to a battle that has been raging for generations. For as long as anyone can remember, there has been turmoil between the tribes. An ancient prophecy offers hope for putting the fighting to rest, with the help of the five special young dragons, known as the Dragonets of Destiny. Like any great prophecy, however, this peace will come at a price. And there is no telling how the foretold visions will play out and whether the Dragonets will cooperate.

Tui T. Sutherland’s 14-title fantasy epic immerses the listener in a full and magical world of dragons, battles, prophecies, and adventure. Not only does it pull on all the aspects that make a classic fantasy tale, but it also encourages young people to think about the meaning of free will and identity, and the courage and sacrifice involved in making your own destiny. From the opening of the first novel all the way through to the last words of the series, Sutherland weaves a strong and rich story of wonder and mystery to captivate middle-grade listeners. 

 Each audiobook in the Wings of Fire series is performed by experienced narrator Shannon McManus, who has voiced nearly 200 different Audible audiobooks. Her friendly, enthusiastic tone is perfect for this children’s favourite series. She emphasizes each character and scene with fun and energy for a true must-listen audiobook experience.  

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