Wild Scots

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Hard Nox Description

He's a brawler, she's a speed racer. Together, they're on fire.


Lennox is one hot Highlander. Muscles bulging on thick arms. A smirk, a bossy swagger, and one huge, swinging...attitude.

In a kilt, he's devastating. To everyone but me. As teenagers, he crashed my car, stole my first kiss, then walked away with another woman. I'll be damned if my brother's best friend is getting an easy ride back into my life.


Isobel is a menace. She races cars and has tattoos in places I can't even imagine. I shouldn’t want her. But I can't forget the one kiss we shared as teenagers. Fresh out of the military, I have one thing in my sights - her.

Isobel Fitzroy is my best friend's sister, and I'm going to tame her wild heart.

From the author of the Marry the Scot series comes a brand-new generation. Wild Scots brings you everything you love about Scottish heroes and contemporary romance but sexier, faster, and supercharged.

Speed away with this series today.

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