Vatican Assassin

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Vatican Assassin - 15th Anniversary Edition Description

BC isn't much of a priest. Didn't go to Seminary. Doesn't like to be called "Father". Never even said Mass. Because even though he wears the collar, BC is really an Assassin for The Pope of the New catholic Church! 

He'll soon kill Meredith McEntyre, Governor of Lunar Prime, independent city-state on the Moon. The NcC is allied with the Universal Trade Zone (UTZ) of Earth and its Orbital Stations in the war against the Mars-based Universal Islamic Nation (UIN). Word is McEntyre has become too friendly with the UIN. Can't let the Governor give the UIN the Moon. 

BC does his actual work while posing as a public relations hack, part of the Office of Papal Operations (OPO) – Sanctified Spin Doctor by day, Holy Hit Man by night. Neither he nor the Pope have any idea how completely the repercussions from this one mission will change everything! 

A newly tuned-up 15th Anniversary Edition of Mike Luoma's original science fiction novel Vatican Assassin - with brand-new cover art by Federico Guillen. Narrated by the author, Mike Luoma, this special 15th anniversary edition also features special guest voice cameos from noted narrators, voice actors, authors, and podcasters Paul E. Cooley, Veronica Giguere, Keith Hughes, Starla Hutchton, John Mierau, Dave Robison, and Scott Sigler.

©2020 Michael Luoma (P)2020 Michael Luoma
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