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Omega Saved and Claimed Description

Ryker is poised to become Prime Alpha of the Staynton Valley Pack, taking over from his father. But Ryker's sexuality concerned his pack. Because he preferred mating with men his pack questioned whether he could take a female mate and perpetuate his line. Ryker thought this was ridiculous and didn't feel the need to procreate just to satisfy some old tradition. After an argument with his father about this issue, he takes off to clear his head and finds himself at a shifter bar where he finds something, or rather someone, a rare male Omega. Instinct takes over and Ryker is forced into action to save the Omega from the Alpha who plans to sell him. But the last thing he wants to do is take advantage of a young man looking to gain his footing in the world.

Raised in foster care, Toby aged out and found himself on the streets, unprepared for the real world. He was, however, about to enter a program that would house and feed him while he learned a trade. A gang of werewolf shifters dashed this hope when they kidnapped him from the streets. Their Alpha planned on selling him to the highest bidder. The cruel Alpha didn't hesitate to tell him why. Toby was a rare omega wolf and coming into heat he was an irresistible draw to any Alpha wolf. Moreover, Toby would want to mate with an Alpha regardless of the consequences. He dreads his future until a young Alpha comes into the bar who literally steals him from his fate.

Can Toby and Ryker outrun the abusive Alpha while navigating the tricky territory of Toby's heat. And can they do so without altering both lives inexorably?

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