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The Pilgrim's Progress (AmazonClassics Edition) Description

Plagued by spiritual anguish, devout everyman Christian fears his fate in the sinful City of Destruction. He’s told that only by embarking for the Celestial City can he achieve personal salvation. After his wife and children refuse to join him, he sets forth alone into the unknown. Mocked for his faith, tempted at every turn, and heartened by fellow pilgrims, Christian’s winding journey toward grace unfolds. But as he reaches Mount Zion, his family chooses to follow the same treacherous path, hoping to join Christian in the shining light. 

John Bunyan began to write The Pilgrim’s Progress while in prison for nonconformist preaching. His dream-framed allegory, edited in 1909 by American clergyman Jesse Lyman Hurlbut, stands as one of the most profoundly influential novels ever written. 

Revised edition: Previously published as The Pilgrim’s Progress, this edition of The Pilgrim’s Progress (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

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