The Lifeboat Augusta

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To the Lifeboats - A Novella Description

Some heroes come into being under pressure. Others show their mettle early on. And then there are the rare few who reach dizzying heights, only to fall from grace. All three exist aboard the Lifeboat Augusta, where they struggle with extraordinary circumstances in an environment none of them ever expected to experience first hand.

Randy Tagget is afraid, and he has every reason to be. The entire human race is on the verge of being wiped out, except for a small number of scientists, engineers, and technology experts who have a slim chance at survival in space. If they can overcome the failings of their species, they may earn an opportunity to repopulate the earth - provided they can stay alive to do it.

Randy's protector is Keisha Miller, a smart, driven US Air Force pilot who accepts a new, temporary assignment as an astronaut. The posting gives her a ringside seat for the end of the world and a real chance at being one of the few with the chance to rebuild an entire civilization from scratch.

Will humanity blink out like a light, or survive the onslaught from deep space and return triumphantly to the top of the food chain? Only time, Randy Tagget, and Keisha Miller can decide the fate of humankind for sure - if they survive the Lifeboat Augusta.

©2012 James F. Beckett (P)2015 James F. Beckett
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