The Haunted

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The Haunted Series Omnibus Description

Contains the first three books in the best-selling The Haunted Series: Shallow Graves, The Seventh Ward, and Seaforth Prison.

Stay quiet, stay alive, but most of all, stay away from the dead.

Robert Watts was just a regular family man until a terrible accident changed his life forever. The world, as he knew it, doesn't exist; there is another world, just scratching at the surface. And these scratches are getting deeper, the separation between good and evil more tenuous, the distinction between living and dead less defined.

And Robert finds himself stuck in the middle of it all - right in the middle. Torn between two worlds, Robert finds himself chasing his past as well as his future, putting not only his own family in jeopardy, but every living, breathing person on Earth.

Robert's accident was only the beginning....

The Haunted Series is a terrifying ghost story with a twist you will never see coming!

©2017 Patrick Logan (P)2017 Patrick Logan
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