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Can You Kick a Ghost in the Nuts? Description

Amanda Harper's life has changed a lot in the few weeks since she met Tempest Michaels.
Working out her notice period in Kent Police, she has already taken a new job as a paranormal investigator to work alongside him. She could be interested in Tempest, but even after she arrested (thankfully he was innocent) Brett Barker, the single, athletic multimillionaire heir to the Barker family fortune, he still wants to take her on a date to Paris in his helicopter.

How does a girl say no to that?

But Tempest has a case for her to look into: There is an elevator in a nearby shopping center that has a ghost in it. The specter has shown up on a photograph, and people's belongings have gone missing from inside the lift without anyone getting on or off. The shopping center manager wants the case solved, but will she be able to bring the spook into the daylight and reveal its true nature? Or will she get stuck in the dicksand with Brett like sassy best friend and police colleague Patience Woods predicts, and just be too distracted to solve crimes?

It is time to find out if she can be who she wants to be in both her professional and personal lives.
Best big girl knickers on.

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