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The Feedback Loop, Volume 1: Books 1-4 Description

Quantum Hughes doesn't know how long he's been trapped in a cyber noir world known as The Loop.

For each day that passes, Quantum adds an item to his inventory list, hoping that he'll one day be free.

Has it really been nearly 550 days? Has he gone mad? Will Quantum ever be free?

A surprise message from the real world sparks a series of events that Quantum could never have never imagined. Suddenly, he's facing off against killer invaders, fighting steam-powered robots, going toe-to-toe with dagger-wielding goblins, visiting floating realms, and even taming a mirrored dragon.

Through Quantum's trademark snark, his near bottomless inventory list of items (example: item 287, King Tut's dagger made from a meteorite; item 327, a Viking helmet with horns), there's no telling what he will do next, or how far Quantum will go to level up and solve a challenge.

About the series: Explore vast and unique fantasy MMORPG worlds in one of the original isekai GameLit series published between 2015-2018. The Feedback Loop is a portal fantasy series by Harmon Cooper, Amazon best-selling author of Pilgrim, Cowboy Necromancer, and Monster Hunt NYC. Fans of role playing games and everything from classic noir to high fantasy and fast-paced gamer action will love this new collection. Watched Boss Battle? You'll dig this. A fan of Sin City, Sword Art Online, The Punisher, Free Guy, or Ready Player One? This will scratch that itch. 

Quantum Hughes has always been one of narrator Jeff Hays' most beloved character voices. Volume 1 features Jeff's re-recording of the book that started it all. This new version captures a more developed Quantum voice, and takes advantage of better gear and mastering. Soundbooth Theater has also remastered Books 2 and 3, and recorded a bonus Feedback Loop short story and Quantum's inventory list, so even longtime fans will have a reason to pick this improved version up.

Grab it, and dive into The Loop! 

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