Psi Chronicles

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It’s been four months since Taemon got rid of psi, or telekinesis, in the secluded city of Deliverance. But rather than ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity, Taemon’s actions seem to have driven a deeper wedge between the people. Worse yet, Taemon soon discovers that he alone still has psi - a revelation that is sure to make him a target of the angry populace.

With society in disarray, his mother in a coma, and a target on his back, Taemon decides to attempt to rescue his father, who’s rumored to have been kidnapped by the Republik. As Taemon and his friend Amma set out on the dangerous journey to the Republik, they soon find proof that old enemies are still out to get them - and that new enemies are preparing to attack. Will Taemon’s psi and his courage be enough to conquer the obstacles standing in the way of peace? As the powerless and powerful clash, allies and enemies are not always who they seem to be in this dynamic sequel to the dystopian novel Freakling.

©2013 Lana Krumwiede, original book published by Candlewick Press. (P)2013 Brilliance Audio, all rights reserved.
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