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A Little Siren: A Modern Fairy Tale Description

Not Quite the Fairy Tale is a series of paranormal romance for a mature audience. Expect adult language and naughty stuff. Each book is a stand-alone.

Silvia Undine, otherwise known as the Sea Witch, has enough of hiding. All she did three years ago was to save a child and his father, but she stands accused of causing the storm that put them in danger in the first place, and as a consequence, has been banished from her seas. 

Enough of that. Defying the ruler of the seas, she goes back where she belongs.

Everything would be peaceful if it wasn't for the three kings who fight over, against, and for her. 

The King of Alenia has taken a wife, and Erik of Denker knows it's his turn. After three years spent searching for the one woman who's ever mattered - the one who saved him and his son from drowning - he has to give up and choose an alternative. He does so, tying himself to the first suitable option - just when Silvia steps in his kingdom.

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