Mysteries on the Monterey Peninsula

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Murder in Monterey Description

An intriguing, masterfully told story of present day life, intertwined with events of the past that takes place on the beautiful California Monterey Peninsula.

The sale of an old mansion brings charming CIA agent Armando Shear into town to investigate and deal with a murder and espionage. He meets the stunning local real estate office owner Abbey Rice and is immediately taken by her beauty and charm. While the murder investigation reveals a man who has spent years as a spy betraying his country, Abbey and Armando set off on a sultry and passionate love affair with burning desire and explosive love making that will keep you listening for hours! In the sequel, Abbey and Armando return along with Abbey's mother Victoria. They are exposed to yet another local murder, this time in the neighboring town of Carmel where they live.

©2014 Chely Schwartz - Stely LLC (P)2016 Chely Schwartz
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