Logan Family Saga

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The Land Description

Ever since running away at the age of fourteen, Paul-Edward, the son of a white landowner and a black slave, has had one dream: to own land every bit as good as his daddy's. While growing up, Paul-Edward loved, and feared, his father, but he loved the land unconditionally. Then, after a rash act of youthful rebellion, he leaves his family behind and vows to succeed on his own. However, for anyone black coming of age in 1880s Mississippi, this is no simple goal. From horse racing to lumber camps to outwitting double-crossing businessmen, Paul-Edward will do what it takes to make his dream come true, along the way discovering his own strength, learning the value of friendship and even falling in love.
©2001 Mildred D. Taylor (P)2001 Random House, Inc.
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