Lantern Beach Romantic Suspense

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Tides of Deception Description

Change has come to Lantern Beach: a new police chief, a new season, and...a new romance? 

Austin Brooks has loved Skye Lavinia from the moment they met, but the walls she keeps around her seem impenetrable. Skye knows Austin is the best thing to ever happen to her. Yet she also knows that if he learns the truth about her past, he’d be a fool not to run. 

A chance encounter brings secrets bubbling to the surface, and danger soon follows. Are the life-threatening events plaguing them really accidents...or is someone trying to send a deadly message? 

With the tides on Lantern Beach come deception and lies. One question remains — who will be swept away as the water shifts? And will it bring the end for Austin and Skye, or merely the beginning? 

©2018 Christy Barritt (P)2020 Christy Barritt
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