Johnny Black Western Adventure Series

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When Justice Is Done Description

It is winter in 1874, when Johnny Black, traveling on a business trip, disappears 600 miles from home. As he struggles to survive, his wife, Rosalinda, refusing to believe Johnny is dead, leads a search for him. Frantic efforts to find Johnny lead the searchers to suspect a powerful, evil man is responsible for his disappearance. Realizing that the chances of finding him alive diminishes with every hour that passes, the searchers resort to deception in an effort to discover his whereabouts. Finally, in desperation they turn to forces deep within the swamps of Louisiana for help.

While Johnny is far from home, Billy Ray, who rode for Boss Johnny Black on a trail drive in ’71, leaves Mexico and rides into San Antonio with his friend Caleb. Both are young cowboys trying to find their place in the world. Caleb finds himself charged with murder and although he’s innocent, he is facing the noose if the real killer can’t be found. As Billy Ray and Caleb struggle to prove Caleb’s innocence, they both meet women who complicate their lives.  

You are invited to saddle up and ride along, as Johnny Black faces off against evil forces while his wife and friends struggle to find him. Follow along with Caleb and Billy Ray as they try to find a killer while struggling with the mysteries of life and love.

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