Jetty Beach Romance

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Behind His Eyes Description

Some wounds only love can heal.

I never thought Nicole Prescott would walk back into my life - adorably drunk and dropping things, no less. But here she is, more beautiful than I remember. 

She’s been hurt, and I understand pain all too well. But I shouldn’t be the guy to help her through it. I came home to get my own life together. I can’t pick up the pieces of hers. 

Ryan Jacobsen and I were kids together, but he’s all man now. Sexy and sweet, with brooding green eyes that hide a universe of secrets. 

His stubbly jaw, delicious abs, and artistic soul make him irresistible. (And have I mentioned the things he can do with his tongue?) My heart - and my body - want more. They want everything. 

Although the gravity between us is inescapable, he tries to push me away. The pain behind his eyes holds him back, and it just might tear us apart.  

©2016 Claire Kingsley (P)2017 Audible, Inc.
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