Here Be Dragons

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Dragon Ever After Description

After half a century of chaos, my retirement from leading the Community of Species Government has been bliss. No more hellhounds playing pranks. No more snippy demons demanding my attention. No more cajoling money from the wealthy to support the community. Just peace while I avoid my overbearing father and try to work out my next steps.

Although...maybe three years of peace is enough. It might even be starting to get boring. In fact, an adolescent dragon crash-landing on my landlord's shed is just the kind of excitement I need - especially when he brings his species leader to my door.

Brandt. Wing leader of all dragons, suave, sexy, and slightly unhinged. It doesn't take much for him to convince me to give up my solitude and spend some time getting to know him.

But Brandt's the leader of his people, and I've left that part of my life behind me. Plus my father insists I should fulfill my duty to the family by getting a nine-to-five job and "marrying well". That's not what I want, but riding herd on a group of beings who fly, breathe fire, and could literally crush me beneath their feet would be a huge challenge.

It all comes down to how much I want my very own dragon ever after.

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