Found by You

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He's the hottest baller in the game. He'll risk it all for the girl no one sees. 

When I'm on the court, I don't just focus on the game.... I focus on everything, every minute detail subject to error, and it's my job to bring home that win. Throughout my life, that's all that's ever mattered to me - the win and the thrill of the game. 

But then I meet her. 

I meet Roxie and everything changes. She's the girl no one sees, completely opposite from the world I live in and the life I lead, but I don't care. She makes me better. She makes me see things in ways I never have before, and I think I do that for her, too. 

The problem is the complications in my life may see fit to end us, test her in ways I'm sure she's never been tested. My world doesn't come without trials, and with a history of my own faults, I'm completely exposed to her. 

I put it on the line for her, but I'm willing to do that and more to prove to her that she's everything. The issue has never resided in the pushback my life may bring because I'm willing to fight for us. I can handle whatever arises as the result of her and me. 

But can I handle what this girl may do to my heart? 

©2014 Victoria H. Smith (P)2015 Victoria H. Smith
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