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Catalyst Downward Cycle Description

In the first five minutes, more than a million people will die.... That’s just the beginning of the nightmare. 

The super solar storm wasn’t supposed to hit Earth - the odds were against it. And yet it did, and everything changed. The storm causes a global blackout. Society begins to come apart as the planes begin falling from the sky and all traces of normal vanish. Scott Montgomery watches helplessly as pandemonium consumes the world around him. But the loss of electrical power is just the first of the problems facing the survivors in the chaos that follows. 

Soon, they discover the loss of electricity was just the beginning of their problems. In a land without laws and few consequences for their actions, individuals must come to terms with their darkest fears and desires. What will Scott do when he learns the draconian plans one secret group has for regaining control and ensuring their own vision for the new world? 

Catalyst is a shockingly realistic tale of how society copes when the world is thrust back to a time before technology. If you are a fan of Steve Konkoly, Tom Abrahams, or A. American, you will love this audiobook. 

©2016 J K Franks (P)2016 J K Franks
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