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Cash City Description

It is an obsession that has haunted Nick Malick for seven years - to avenge the murder of his young son. In his gut Malick knows who did it. But the psychopath is in prison for another crime, scheduled to be released in a year. All Malick has to do is wait...and survive.

The tragedy cost Malick his marriage and his career. Now he scrapes by as a PI in the blue-collar town of Cain City, West Virginia. His latest case tasks him with finding a young woman gone missing. Seems simple enough. But when his investigation exposes a link between a corrupt police force and a drug gang from Detroit, Cain City explodes. And Malick finds himself dead center.

Turns out when there's no one to trust and a whole lot of people want you dead, survival and revenge aren't so easy.

Cash City is Jonathan Fredrick's debut novel, heralding a tough new voice in crime fiction.

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