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Bachelor Kisses Description

Bachelor Kisses is a comic story of modern love and life when you're 20-something, single, and male. It is the mess Jon Marshall makes of his life when it stops making sense – a comedy of fallibility and misjudgements.

Jon, Rick, and Jen share takeaway food rituals, sporadic cocktail nights, and the quest for love. Rick seems destined to long, lonely nights beneath his Porky Pig doona. Jen consumes men like chocolate bars. And Jon gets lucky in a way he's never expected – more women than he knows how to handle. A medical graduate with grand plans for the hormone of darkness, he finds his life is spiralling way out of control.

©1999 Nick Earls (P)2003 Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
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  • Volume 3 de la série

    Couverture de Perfect Skin
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