Beyond The Shadows Series

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Gangs and Ghosts Description

When I was three years old, I was found homeless in the woods, alone and feral.   

When asked how I survived all of those years by myself, I had one answer: the Shadow Man. I have no memory of that time. No memory of anything, really, before the accident. I rely on stories from my fathers about this supposed imaginary friend. Got into a fight at school? The Shadow Man made me. Stole from a store? He forced me to. Snuck out of the house? He came with me.   

I had almost completely forgotten about him. Until I move into the horror house - the house rumored to be a gateway to hell. Strange things keep happening, and I am helpless to prevent them. More importantly, people keep dying. Particularly, people that harm me.   

It's already a struggle to survive a new high school and town (including the attention of a dangerous gang), but now I have to survive ghosts, too? One thing becomes painstakingly clear:  

The Shadow Man wants me to come home.   

Contains mature themes.

©2019 Katie May (P)2019 Tantor
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