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All's fair in love and magic in this best-selling YA gothic fantasy series about a small Southern town, a mysterious newcomer, and a family curse.

Ethan Wate thought life in his hometown of Gatlin was boring, until the mesmerizing Lena Duchannes moved to town. There's something about her that makes him want to know more. What he doesn't know is that Lena is a Caster—a secret group of people who can perform magic. Hoping to hide from her family's legacy, she's not looking for love. But the spark between Lena and Ethan is undeniable. Can they overcome the challenges they face to be together, or will secrets and magic be their undoing?

This New York Times best-selling series follows Ethan and Lena as they deal with the many obstacles in their relationship, including romantic rivals, Ethan's inability to touch Lena (she gives off an electric shock), and Lena's attempts to fight the dark nature of her gift/curse. Although strong, their love for one another will take them to hell and back—literally.

The original four novels in this series, known as the Caster Chronicles, became a runaway smash success, spawning a movie adaptation and a spinoff series, called Dangerous Creatures. It's hard to believe Beautiful Creatures, the first book, was written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl in 12 weeks on a dare! It has since been published in 50 countries and translated into 39 languages. 

All four books in the series are narrated by Kevin T. Collins, an actor and director who has lent his voice to more than 225 audiobooks, and whose rich narration and Southern drawl helped Beautiful Creatures win a 2011 Audie Award. The audiobooks also feature sound effects and an original score, making them compelling listening for teens and adults. 

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