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An epic space opera featuring a crew of military misfits as the heroes of a great war, with the fate of all humanity hanging in the balance.

The crew members of the Ark Royal, an outdated interstellar supercarrier, are the misfits and dregs of the Royal Navy. Stationed aboard the battle-worn vessel that is permanently docked in the Earth's orbit, their primary directive is to keep the old clunker afloat—and make sure to steer clear of the strong, young warriors who man the fleets of modern, sleek starships. However, when an alien threat approaches Earth, wiping out much of the Royal Navy along the way, the Ark Royal crew suddenly becomes the last defense between the formidable invaders and their home planet.

So begins an action-packed series from Christopher G. Nuttall, a prolific sci-fi and fantasy author who hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. As the Ark Royal saga unfolds, the ragtag crew members and their drunkard leader, Admiral Theodore Smith, rise to the occasion and emerge as unlikely heroes of a great and terrible war. 

All of the audiobooks in the series are narrated by Ralph Lister, the Audie Award winner who has lent his vocal talents to epics, including Malazan Book of the Fallen and James Clavell’s Shogun. Embodying the vast cast of characters, from crotchety crew members to enigmatic aliens, with aplomb, Lister's performance is a tour de force. For fans of wide-ranging space operas, such as the works of John Scalzi and Ann Leckie, Ark Royal is a series sure to satisfy. And with 14 installments ready for listening, there's plenty of galactic adventure to immerse yourself in.

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