Antique Assassin Series

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Hired Gun Description

Antique Assassin is a fast-paced, pause-resisting crime thriller of antique-collector-turned-assassin Dexter O'Kane.

Dexter O'Kane is a family man who becomes an assassin after the death of his wife and son, a failing business, and witnessing a murder that unravels his simple life. Recruiting best friend and business partner John Wood to be his partner in crime, Dexter is on the hunt for a serial killer who's wreaking havoc in the small blue collar town of LeClaire, Missouri.

Dexter must deal with the death of his family, a failing business, and find the killer before he attacks again. But, can he embrace the life of an assassin amidst his worst enemy, himself? Will Dexter get the killer or die trying?

©2015 Ryan Bennett (P)2015 Ryan Bennett
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