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Blood Oil Description

Simultaneous release of the third book in the explosive, action-packed series starring Lachlan Fox.

Mass market fiction thriller in the Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum tradition.

Blood Oil sees the return of Ex-Navy Operative Lachlan Fox.

Now working as an investigative journalist, Lachlan Fox has been visiting some of the world's trouble spots. But a trip to Africa brings him face to face with a horror that could change him forever. Set in Nigeria, the US and UK, the book is about terrorism, oil supply and poverty.

From New York to Nigeria, Fox and his best mate Alistair Gammaldi race to unravel a sinister plan before each step is put into action. Lachlan Fox is going to prove, again, that there is a hero in all of us.

©2008 James Phelan (P)2008 Bolinda Publishing
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