Z Walkers

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Z Walkers: The Complete Collection Description

The Complete Collection of the Z Walkers series!

Hank, Collin, and Sara. A janitor, a thief, a personal trainer.

Three strangers in an increasingly strange city come together in an attempt to survive. With the infected crawling out of every crevice, they need to get to safety - now. Each wants a different direction: Hank still waits for his lady love to arrive so that they can head north, while Sara wants to get on a boat and get out onto the open waters. Collin...well, Collin just wants to be the aloof dangerous guy in a zombie apocalypse.

Little do they know, each of their best-laid plans is going to hit a rocky detour, and there's no telling just who will get out of everything alive.

Will any of them make it to safety before it's too late? Or will they end up just like the other mindless zombies beginning to fill the streets?

©2015 Roja Publishing (P)2015 Roja Publishing
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  • Volume 1 de la série

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