Yorktide, Maine

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Summer Days Description

"His Bride to Be" - Lisa Jackson

The job perks: a two-week luxury cruise in the company of one of the most eligible bachelors on the West Coast. But posing as Hale Donovan's fiancée to finesse a takeover deal will challenge all of Valerie Pryce's resolve to keep business and pleasure separate.

"You Again" - Elizabeth Bass

A group yoga tour to Peru is the last place Meredith expects to see her workaholic ex-boyfriend, Sam. Seven years have changed everything - except Meredith's regret at abruptly running away. Yet amid the magnificent views and ancient ruins, a new chance may be waiting...

"Return To Hampton Beach" - Mary Carter

Jacob was the shy, kind twin. Chris was wild and dangerous. As a teenager, Carrie Jensen was a little in love with them both. Now Carrie is coming back to Hampton Beach for a summer, where she'll untangle the lie that broke her heart.

"Summer Memories" - Holly Chamberlin

There's nowhere Ellen would rather nurse her wounds after her ex’s betrayal than Ogunquit, Maine - a little beach town where she spent idyllic childhood summers. Then Ellen meets a charming local artist who challenges her to create new memories….

©2014 Compilation by Kensington Publishing Corp. "You Again" © 2014 by Elizabeth Bass. "Summer Memories" © 2014 by Elise Smith. "Return to Hampton Beach" © 2014 by Mary Carter. "His Bride to Be" © 1990, 2014 by Lisa Jackson. (P)2014 Brilliance Audio, all rights reserved.
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