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The Wyrdos Tales: Three Book Bundle Description

A Demon attack. A Vampire on the loose. Fae folk coming out of the woodwork. But Dee is stuck in counseling, Laylea is solving a murder, and Junior just came out of the closet.

It's a busy day in Chicago. Welcome to a world where the boogeyman is real, vampires exist, banshees mourn our dead, demons feed on them, and gods really do interfere with our lives, when they feel like it.

Dee, Junior, and Laylea are the first three standalones in the Wyrdos Tales series. The tales each feature a different supernatural character's involvement in the same apocalyptic event. Listen to all of them to get the whole story! If you like the snark, magic, and action of Jim Butcher and Patricia Brigg's books then you will love the Wyrdos Urban Fantasy series by Gwendolyn Druyor!

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