Widdershins Sisters

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A Pinch of Magic Description

A spellbinding middle-grade fantasy about three sisters: adventurous Betty, curious Charlie, and proper Flisswho go on a quest to break the curse that's haunted their family for generations.  

All Betty Widdershins wants is an adventure - one that takes her far away from Crowstone, the gloomy island where she's always lived. But instead of an adventure, Betty and her sisters, Fliss and Charlie, are given of a set of magical objects, each with its own powers: a scruffy carpet bag, a set of wooden nesting dolls, and a gilt-framed mirror. And these magical objects come with their own terrible secret: The sisters' family is haunted by a generations-long curse that prevents them from ever leaving their island - at the cost of death.  

The sisters set out to break the curse and free their family forever. But after stumbling upon a mysterious prisoner who claims to be able to help them, they find themselves in great danger. And in order to break the curse - and stay alive - they must unravel a mystery that goes back centuries, one that involves shipwrecks, smugglers, and sorcery of the most perilous kind.

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