Warriors After Dark

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The Warrior and The Petulant Princess Description

Princess Lizbett of Verdana is a beautiful, violet-eyed, strong-willed young woman. She'd once been crazy about a mysterious stable boy named Larian, His hair fell in long shimmering ringlets, and his clear aqua eyes would set her pulse racing. When he left, she was utterly heartbroken.

But Larian was no stable boy. He was an apprentice warrior from the Kingdom of Zanderone, famous for its mighty men trained not just in battle, but in the dark erotic arts. Now a famous soldier, he has returned to ask the King for permission to court his daughter.

Can the wisdom of his years, and his unique training, help him control a stubborn, spoiled Princess? When Larian tries to foil an evil plot, will Lizbett's foolish ways place them in danger?

Leave behind the mundane. Venture into Verdana. Watch a masterful warrior tame a petulant Princess, while saving a King and his Kingdom. Embark on an adventure today.

©2014 Maggie Carpenter (P)2017 Maggie Carpenter
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