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The Hand of God Description

It was 6 p.m. when the devil walked into my office and had a seat. Bounty hunter Victor McCain always wondered how his brother, Mikey, went from down-n-out loser to one of Louisville's richest men. Now he knew: his brother sold his soul to the devil. And in 24 hours, Mikey would die and spend eternity in hell unless Victor agreed to hunt down a thief, a woman as deadly as she is beautiful.

On a journey of murder and betrayal, Victor must now put his own soul at risk to save his only brother, battle a dark underground organization with the goal of nothing less than global war between Christians and Muslims, and fight creatures from man's darkest nightmares. Then there's the Hand of God, God's own bounty hunter. In the end, will he be friend or enemy? Only heaven knows.

©2015 Tony Acree (P)2015 Tony Acree
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