Unspoken (Moss)

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Unspoken Description

A horse whisperer? That made no sense to Abe Cason. There were no whispers or words a horse could understand, all Abe could do is what he had always done, listen and respond, the rest was up to the horse. As for now Abe was doubting his ability as a husband and father. He seemed to give his whole life to horses and a dead end job, building up a ranch that was not his, while he watched his wife Patricia create a home out of a shack and his daughter Paige attempt to fit in society with her beloved horse, Liberty Bell. Through judgment, criticism, and loss can this poverty stricken family stand strong, or does it separate them through the quiet roles they play in a small town in Eastern Oregon?

©2014 A. K. Moss (P)2017 A. K. Moss
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