Twelve Houses

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Mystic and Rider Description

The fire mystic Senneth crosses the country of Gillengaria on a mission for the king, trying to discover if noble marlords from the Twelve Houses are planning an uprising.

She is accompanied by the soldiers Justin and Tayse, two King's Riders who are unswervingly loyal to the crown. Also on the journey are the shape-changers Kirra and Donnal, and a young mystic named Cammon who can practically read minds.

It's soon clear that not only are marlords planning a rebellion, but that they are being aided by Daughters of the Pale Mother, a fanatical religious sect that hates mystics. While Senneth can clearly take care of herself, Tayse finds himself unable to stop watching her - determined both to protect her and to uncover her secrets.

BONUS AUDIO: Includes an exclusive introduction by author Sharon Shinn.

©2006 Sharon Shinn (P)2008 Audible, Inc.
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