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Transformations: Robert's Fury Description

Upon awakening in the magical realm Elilith, John and his four comrades are doubly shocked. Not only are they no longer in 17th-century Salem, Massachusetts, but they are transformed, having acquired unusual abilities.

As John and his friends struggle to accept their new home and understand their new powers, the group befriends a race of elves suffering from a mysterious plague. As more of their beautiful forest is destroyed, the elves sense their extinction drawing near.

The five newcomers pledge their assistance to the ailing elves. Sparse clues lure the group into an immense fort, inhabited by hideous creatures, both living and dead. They follow the trail to a maze of treacherous tunnels and finally to the true heart of the forest, where the source of the plague dwells.

Will John, Diane, Robert, Charles, and Jean-Luc persevere to find the true heart of the forest and stop the plague? Can the five master their transformations in time to save both Elilith and their birth home?

©2013, 2014 John DeJordy (P)2014 John DeJordy, Cliffton Satterfield
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